The Ultimate Travel Vest

X-ray picture of  Scottevest Q.U.E.S.T. vest

Scottevest has made its company’s mission to design the ultimate travel vests and coats so that you can carry all your valuables and most needed items on your very person. Now they have come up with the ultimate Q.U.E.S.T travel vest for both men and women that has 42 pockets. It is particularly valuable for airline travel since when you go through all the security checks, all you have to do is take off the vest with everything inside and check it through the scanners.

Forty-two pockets is a lot, and but it’s also a significant number. Some people believe it is a clue to the secrets of the Universe, it denotes a perfect score on the USA Math Olympiad, and the author Lewis Carroll was obsessed with the number. More importantly, it is perfect for travelers, photographers, hikers, fishermen…just about anyone really.

A new concept in travel clothing:

It may not be the answer to the universe, but the Q.U.E.S.T. is engineered to be customizable to at least be the answer to your problems with carrying all the stuff you need, to do what you love to do. It looks like a vest, but it is actually a new, epic concept clothing. It’s sort of like a New Jersey diner, where everything is on the menu 24/7. This vest is made for you to experiment, explore and customize. Think of it as a black box of potential and with more pockets than any piece of travel clothing ever, it might just change not only how you look at the world but how you travel through it. And Scottevest is so sure that their internal pockets protect you against pickpockets that they have a $1,000 Anti-Pickpocket Guarantee.

Here are all its fabulous features:

  • 1 Passport/Travel Docs Pocket for passport and boarding passes.
  • RFID-blocking Pocket – with identity theft on the rise (and essentially everyone tracking your every move at all times), Scottevest has built in a pocket lined with RFID-blocking material. It is sized to hold a wallet, credit cards and even a passport and it lives inside the Travel Docs Pocket. It’s engineered to help protect your credit cards and passport from RFID skimmers
  • 1 ID Pocket with fine gauge mesh material for your ID and business cards. The pocket shape and tight fit helps keep the corners from bending.
  • The PackPocket™ is a massive, exterior back pocket that has the storage capacity of a small backpack, perfect for larger items that won’t fit in another pocket, or are too awkward to carry elsewhere. It’s a great place to carry snacks, map, a small tripod, binoculars, first-aid kits and even works as a diaper bag, too. It has three internal mesh pockets to help keep things organized. The three zipper design keeps it from flopping open if you forget to close it completely.
  • Two Power Pockets have been engineered with Scottevest’s patented Personal Area Network (PAN) to help you wire battery packs from just about any pocket to just about any other pocket. The Power Pockets are well placed for holding batteries. Power problem: solved. This tech-vest is the foreseeable future of wearable computing.
  • 2 Bud Pockets are where you store your earbuds that are routed out of the collar if you keep all your wires organized through the lining of the vest.
  • Easy Access Panels – the Q.U.E.S.T. Vest has huge panel pockets accessible from the exterior front of the vest, with interior organization to get to your gear quickly. Great for carrying a tablet or extra camera body if you need to get to it easily, and because it’s lined with soft tricot material like a camera bag, you can attach hook-and-loop accessories.
  • 6 Angled Slash pockets layered inside the Easy Access Panels so smaller items you carry don’t drop to the bottom of the vest.
  • 2 tiny Pockets for small stuff like button batteries, jewelry, and mini compasses.
  • 6 “Handwarmer” Pockets which are accessed from the exterior for easily accessible gear and your hands if it gets chilly. Some are kept closed with device-friendly magnets.
  • 2 Change Pockets for change, memory cards, and tokens
  • 1 Cell Phone Pocket with purpose-built clear touch fabric on the front so you can control your touch screen through the material. It is engineered so your phone is close enough so you can hear it ring.
  • 2 PadPockets perfect for iPads on either side or a fistful of magazines.
  • 1 USB Pocket to carry around large amounts of data in a small package.
  • 2 Eyeglasses Pockets designed you can drop in your glasses from the top or easy in/out access or zip them into the more secure pocket directly behind. The is also a chamois attached with a printed quick-reference pocket map on it in case you forget where you put something (or need to wipe fingerprints off your lenses or touch screen)
  • 2 Camera Pockets which are divided so you can separate your point and shoot cameras from your deck of cards
  • 1 MyMemory Pocket perfect for memory cards or small mementos
  • 3 Pen Pockets which store pens of all descriptions as well as penlights and styluses.
  • I Secret Pocket for your secret stuff!
  • Hood – this was a repeated request from customers. If it’s not your favorite idea in the world, it’s stowable in the collar, and just as easily re-deployed if you change your mind.


Scottevest Q.U.E.S.T. vest for Women

Sue Gough Henly

Sue Gough Henly is award-winning travel writer and photographer whose bi-line has appeared in The New York Times, Travel & Leisure, The Guardian, The Toronto Star and all the major Australian publications. Her travel blog, Genuine Journeys, is full of insider tips on the best places for authentic experiences and luxury splurges. She is also the author of Australia’s Best Places travel app. When she doesn’t have sand between her toes or a pack on her back, she writes about food, wine and culture.

4 comments to The Ultimate Travel Vest

  • Jeremy hall  says:

    What a great “gadget” for travelling!

    • Sue Gough Henly  says:

      It really is a traveling ‘must have’!

  • Mallory  says:

    Thank you Sue, wonderful article on the QUEST Vest! This vest is a must have for all of your traveling adventures!

    • Sue Gough Henly  says:

      You’re welcome. Everybody needs to know about it!

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