Travel Gadget Review: 4-port adaptor to charge USB appliances

USB hub + 4 makes charging at home and on the road a breeze


This ingenious  Korjo 4 port USB Adaptor is a very clever product to make charging all your USB based appliances very simple both at home and on your world travels. No more lugging all your chargers when you are on the road or having them plugged into rooms all around the house. You just plug all your cables into this really convenient USB hub.

Four-Port Adaptor Special features:

  • It is compatible with any USB charged product such as mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, music players, GPS units, games consoles and any other items that use USB based Korjo's USB Hubcharging systems.
  • It has the ability to connect up to 4 USB devices directly to a mains socket
  • Its interchangeable plugs enable use in Australia, the European Union, United Kingdom, USA, and Japan. Basically it works in 99% of countries around the world.
  • It has an automatic voltage range between 100 and 240 volts.
  • Its output is 2.1A Max (unlike most 0.5A and 1A USB chargers) so devices such as iPads can draw sufficient power for charge efficiently

Where to buy the Four-Port Adaptor

Korjo travel products are available in a wide variety of stockists in Australia such as airport retailers, David Jones, Myer, Officeworks, Strandbags, and Trade Secret as well as selected stores in Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and Fiji.

You can also buy it on line directly from Korjo.


Korjo is the original Australian Travel Accessories company

Korjo Travel Products is an Australian family company whose aim is to help business and leisure travelers all over the world to have a more comfortable, happy, safe and convenient trip. Korjo focuses solely on travel accessories and has been providing information, advice and travel products for more than 30 years.  Korjo has created a genuinely useful range of travel products that minimize discomfort and problems, and promote security, health and safety – letting you concentrate on the trip itself.

Korjo pioneered the travel accessory business in Australia in the mid 1970s, when they started manufacturing a limited number of travel products to sell in their Melbourne pharmacy  (Kausman’s pharmacy in Buckley and Nunn).  Travelers started to flock to the pharmacy, which quickly became known as the place to go when planning a trip.  Soon other retailers saw the Korjo products and recognized the sales potential, and Korjo made a transition from creator and retailer, to importer, wholesaler and distributor.

Further growth came with international expansion – although Korjo has always ensured that their international partners share their vision, goals and ethics. Today Korjo has over 120 products.



Korjo's USB 4-port Adaptor





Sue Gough Henly

Sue Gough Henly is award-winning travel writer and photographer whose bi-line has appeared in The New York Times, Travel & Leisure, The Guardian, The Toronto Star and all the major Australian publications. Her travel blog, Genuine Journeys, is full of insider tips on the best places for authentic experiences and luxury splurges. She is also the author of Australia’s Best Places travel app. When she doesn’t have sand between her toes or a pack on her back, she writes about food, wine and culture.

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    What a great tip. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Sue Gough Henly  says:

      You’re welcome!

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