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Six Best Adventures on Kauai’s Na Pali Coast

Six Ways to Experience Kauai's Spectacular Na Pali Coast


Kauai is the northernmost and oldest island in the Hawaiian chain. It is draped in emerald valleys of tropical rainforests, sharp mountain spires and jagged cliffs often sporting dramatic waterfalls. And Kauai’s Na Pali Coast offers one of Hawaii’s most iconic landscapes, 26 kilometers of sheer fluted cliffs, some up to 1200 meters high, dropping straight into the Pacific Ocean. Na Pali, means ‘the cliffs’ in the Hawaiian language, and they are the must-do adventure when you are visiting the ‘Garden Isle’. This coastline is completely wild…there’s no development, no phone reception and no roads. The roads end at the northern and southern entrances to Na Pali so you must explore it via boat, on foot or from the air. Along the way depending on the seasons you may also see spinner dolphins, bottle-nose dolphins, whales, green turtles and even monk seals.

Last year one of my daughters and I kayaked along the coastline in what must be one of the world’s great one-day kayaking trips, often nicknamed the ‘Everest of kayaking trips’!  We also enjoyed a 13 kilometer round-trip day hike along the coast and up to the Hanakapai’ai waterfall.

There are, in fact, six different adventures you can enjoy along the Na Pali coast. Here is the lowdown on how to do it.


The best sailing experience...

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Kayaking the Remote Islands of Papua New Guinea

Kayaking in the Tigak Islands of Papua New Guinea

Australian-owned No Roads Expeditions offers a terrific 50-mile kayaking trip along the coral atolls that stretch along Papua New Guinea’s province of New Ireland. It is a perfect way to explore the traditional Melanesian culture of these remote and pristine islands, where many children have never seen white people before.

The company developed its expertise as a trekking operator on the popular Kokoda Track in the New Guinea highlands, site of Australia’s most significant campaign of the Second World War, as well as kayaking and hiking trips in Indonesia. Bringing eco-sensitive, low-impact tourism to these remote communities, No Roads partnered with Papua New Guinea Tourism to provide new water tanks as well as paying each village for food and entertainment.

My hus...

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Kayaking and Walking in New Zealand’s Abel Tasman National Park

Kayaking and walking in New Zealand's Abel Tasman National Park on the South Island

“Sweet as…” says Bruce, one of our easy going Kiwi kayaking guides who is leading us along the coastline of Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand’s smallest national park on the north of the South Island. It is a paddler’s nirvana.  What finer way could there be to explore a pristine coastline of granite headlands and tiny coves of golden sand backed by voluptuous hills cloaked in emerald green.

It is a cloudless autumn day and we are suspended on an aquamarine bubble between land and sky. Eight yellow double sea kayaks glide over a sea so translucent that a casual observer might think for a split second that no water was there at all.


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