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One World Alliance Frequent Flyer Points: Why all is not equal


American Airlines frequent flyer points give much more bang for the buck than Qantas

How to get the most value from your One World Alliance Frequent Flyer Points

One World is the name of the biggest frequent flyer airline alliance, which includes Qantas, American Airlines, and British Airways. So you’d think that it would be the best way to earn and make the most use of frequent flyer points. However, all is not equal in frequent flyer land and the value of frequent flyer miles on some member airlines is MUCH better than others. This post will give you the lowdown on why.

We all have our favorite ways to use frequent flyer points. Some of us use them for upgrades to the pointy end of the plane. Others for getting free tickets to a special destination. There are those of us who will only fly with one airline alliance to be sure to maximize the benefits of all their frequent flyer points. Others fly with so many different alliances their frequent flyer points are like petals in a pool, pretty but not very useful...

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Mr & Mrs Smith: The World’s Boutique Hotel Specialists


Have you heard of Mr & Mrs Smith? No they are not Brad and Angelina but Brits James and Tamara Lohan who founded the award-winning Mr & Mrs Smith hotel website, booking service and free-to-join travel club that specializes in finding the world’s most inspiring boutique hotels.

Now with offices in London, New York and Melbourne, Mr & Mrs Smith has a detailed website and has published nine coffee-table guidebooks. Its hand-picked and anonymously reviewed collection features 900 of the world’s most stylish stays.

And what about the name, Mr & Mrs Smith? Well, they are all about great escapes with your other half — a wink to couples everywhere, especially those who fancy checking into a fabulous hotel under this classic dirty-weekend pseudonym. In a nod to the changing times, however, they have added a Smith Family range of hotels too.

There are some wonder...

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