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Taking a voyage on an ocean sailing canoe in the Cook Islands

Voyaging on an ocean sailing canoe in the Cook Islands

I have written travel articles and guidebooks, profiling food and wine, adventure and cultural stories for almost three decades. I am an Australian who is married to an American while continuing an abiding love affair with France.

Having worked in all types of old media, from newspapers and travel magazines to book publishing I have also been dabbling in new media for the past few years.  Now I aim to distil all my insider knowledge in a travel blog that can deliver authentic content without the bias dictated by advertisers in newspapers and magazines. Have you ever wondered, for instance, why there are so many cruising stories in traditional media? Conversely, there are so many terrific places not covered in old media simply because they don’t advertise.  I will be writing about them and other authentic adventures that often don’t see the light of day.

A little background

I was born in Brisbane, Australia and started traveling at 16, when I was an exchange student in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.  Returning to Australia, I got a degree in French and Psychology from the University of Queensland and spent a year working as an au pair in the Southwest of France and traveling around Europe.

Not long afterwards, I reconnected with my American high school sweetheart and married him in Seattle, which is where I got my start in travel writing as a journalist with the Seattle Weekly newspaper and as editor of the Seattle-based The Best Places, a discerning series of guidebooks to the West Coast of the USA and Canada. Moving to New York, I worked editing lifestyle, food, wine and travel books at Workman Publishing, publishers of 1000 Places to Visit Before You Die and Food Lover’s Guide to France, and as a press attaché for the Bordeaux Wine Trade Council (where I learned to enjoy fine wines that I could never afford to buy) all the while freelancing as a travel writer for publications like Travel & Leisure and The New York Times.

There are numerous walking trails throughout the Pyrenees

Hiking in the Pyrenees

Old media


Returning to Australia in the late 1990s with three NYC-born kids and hubby in tow, I now base myself in Melbourne and write for more than 20 publications worldwide. These include The Guardian, The Toronto Star, Vacations and Travel, International Traveller, News Ltd, The Australian Traveller, The Sydney Sun Herald, Australia and New Zealand Magazine, Get Lost, Royal Auto, House and Garden, Get Up and Go, The Senior Traveller, Voyeur, Qantas Insider, Jetstar, OUTthere and several other airline magazines.

I studied journalism at the University of Queensland and photography at the International Center of Photography in New York and at Photography Studies College in Melbourne and I learned loads on the job.

I am a member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers, where I have won a number of awards for travel writing and photography, as well as the International Food Wine and Travel Writers Association, and the Media, Arts and Entertainment Alliance.

New media

I am active on social media. Follow me on the sites below and LinkedIn. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them here.



Relaxing at Bamurru Plains in Australia's Northern Territory

With my family at Bamurru Plains in the Northern Territory


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